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Clear away loose debris, sand, leaves, etc. (you can leave the water). Instead of building a foundation for the repair, you’re clearing one off.

EZ STREET® Asphalt will adhere to anything solid in the pothole or on the application surface, but if it’s not fixed, your repair won’t be either.
You’ll know it’s ready when there’s nothing loose along the edges, or bottom of the pothole for the repair to stick to.


When opening the bag, be careful not to cause any more damage than necessary to pour the asphalt out. You may want to use the bag later for storage.

If the crater’s deeper than eight centimeters, it’s a good idea to fill in five centimeter layers, or “lifts”, compacting each layer before adding the next, to increase the density of the foundational layers.

Fill the pothole to just over the level of the existing pavement. Then…


If you don’t have a tamping or compacting tool, simply drive over the repair until it’s level with the existing surface. And. That’s. It. It’s 100% okay to drive on an EZ Street asphalt repair immediately after completion—we call it “secondary compaction”.

Installation Video

Addressing a pothole in a residential or commercial driveway is straightforward with EZ Street AMBIENT™ Asphalt Technology. Pour it directly from the bag, tamp it down with a shovel or vehicle tire, and use the same method for trip hazards on sidewalks. The fix is durable, lasting for years.

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