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Pioneering Change in Global Infrastructure 

Nearly three decades ago, EZ STREET emerged as a revolutionary alternative to hot mix asphalt. Today, still founder-driven, we’re just getting started. At the heart of our tech-savvy, lean approach is a team of leaders, partnering with the finest in the industry. 

With EZ STREET, we’re not just filling potholes; we’re reshaping the global landscape of infrastructure. Each application is a step towards a more resilient and efficient world. Our solutions don’t merely patch; they revolutionize, turning everyday repairs into opportunities for lasting improvement. It’s about creating a seamless, enduring connection in our streets and communities, one pothole at a time. 

Throw it in, compact it, walk away, never worry

EZ STREET transcends boundaries, serving everyone from private builders to local and state governments, to DIY enthusiasts with unrivaled value and efficiency. For over 29 years, we’ve been redefining asphalt technology, driving innovation, and leading global infrastructure advancement. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to offer uncompromising performance and supreme convenience. 

EZ STREET®, Ambient®, and Bioblends® are Registered Trademarks of Asphalt Research Technology, Inc, Miami, Florida 33176.
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