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EZ Street pothole repair is ideal for a simple throw-and-grow solution to potholes in all shapes and sizes. Customers can now remedy a pothole permanently before it becomes a larger structural issue.

Whether you are a council in need of road maintenance or  you’re in need of supplies for do-it-yourself asphalt pothole repair on your commercial or residential property you can rely on EZ Street. No matter where you are located in Australia, we are dedicated to making pothole repair as EZ as possible for you!

All The Supplies You Need For Permanent Driveway Repair

  • 15KG BAGS
  • 20KG BAGS
  • 20kg BUCKETS

Signs Your Driveway Needs Repairs

Driveways are not designed to last forever – more’s the pity! This means that you have to be vigilant about when yours will need asphalt driveway repair. The good news is that while you can hire an expert to come and sort it out for you, you can also buy the right asphalt driveway repair products to do it yourself.

The most important question that you have to ask yourself, however, is whether you are able to recognise when you are in need of asphalt driveway repair. Do you know what you’re looking for? Well, we’ve got some of the most common signs for you below:

Your Driveway is Cracking

If you notice your driveway has cracks forming on the surface, then you should start searching for those asphalt driveway repair products now and stop waiting to do it. It’s a common issue and it can happen to both asphalt and concrete driveways alike. Oil is a common culprit of cracking and while asphalt driveway repair products can help, if you don’t get them sorted early they can grow into bigger cracks. Here’s where you’d need to start Googling ‘asphalt driveway repair near me’ so that you can get the best in the business to help!


Another issue that requires urgent attention is potholes. They can happen over time, but finding the best asphalt driveway repair near me via Google is going to help you to get someone out to fill that pothole for you – especially if you don’t have the time. Potholes can cause accidents and damage to your car, and when the driveway expands and contracts, potholes can get worse. Don’t let that happen! If you don’t want to call someone to do it for you, you can get the best asphalt driveway repair products and do it yourself – and we’ll go into that a little more below.

Drainage Issues

If you have a professional install your driveway in the first place, you won’t normally have to worry about driveway drainage issues. Unfortunately, uneven driveways will often have water accumulating in areas which then makes the asphalt weak. Asphalt driveway repair is the answer here because water can do a lot of damage over time. Pools of water around your driveway are never a good thing, so calling someone to help you to redo your driveway can help.

When you are dealing with any of these issues, it’s a good sign that you need to invest in the best asphalt driveway repair products to help. Most driveways have a long lifespan, but if yours is looking cracked and old, it may need a refresh and that’s where EZ Street can help.

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